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Bowflex During Pregnancy

It's pretty common knowledge that we should all exercise, and if you've come to Bowflex World, chances are you know that resistance training is recommended for both sexes. However, many women wonder if it's safe to continue with this kind of training during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, you should always check with your doctor about your exercise regimen. But for those enduring a normal healthy pregnancy, you should be able to continue with your Bowflex workouts. In fact, the muscular strength derived from Bowflex training can help with your pregnancy.

Strong muscles and a healthy body can make the delivery easier. Exercise during pregnancy helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body, including to the legs to fight the formation of varicose veins. Bowflex upper-body exercises can also help with the back pain that is common during pregnancy.

Some Bowflex exercises should be avoided during the latter months of pregnancy. These include the lying exercises (ie. Lying Lat Pull-down, Lying Triceps Extension, etc.) which can press on the fetus. Lying on your stomach for the Prone Leg Curl is also not recommended, but that exercise can be substituted for the Seated Leg Curl.

Stop training and see a doctor if there is any bleeding, pain, or other difficulties.

Resource: The Bowflex Body Plan by Ellington Darden, Ph.D.